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Bronchitis Treatment

Best Bronchitis Treatment in Chennai

Bronchitis Treatment in Chennai

Chronic bronchitis is defined as a condition characterised by cough with expectoration occurring on most of the days for the least 3 months in the year for at least 2 years. When the sputum is mucoid, the condition is called simple chronic bronchitis. At this stage, no objective signs are found. The condition may be complicated by infection, giving rise to chronic mucopurulent bronchitis, or by persistent widespread narrowing of the airways, giving rise to chronic obstructive bronchitis. In complicated case expiratory wheezing is present and the sputum is mucopurulent. Pulmonary hypertension may develop and give rise to right ventricular hypertrophy and later on, failure. Skiagram of the chest shows prominent broncho vascular markings.

The disease usually manifests after 40 years of life and is caused by persistent heavy smoking, atmospheric pollution or occupations involving exposure to dust or fumes. Acute bronchitis may supervene on chronic bronchitis or occur in children due to viral infection.


Either Cupping or needling cand be done in children during acute bronchitis.

Prognosis is quite satisfactory.

Good results are obtained in the children during acute bronchitis with cupping alone.

Complications and progression of chronic bronchitis can be prevented with acupuncture.

Smoking must be discouraged.

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